Garramilla Boulevard

A new grand entrance to Darwin city, and under construction

Garramilla BoulevardBarneson Street had for many years been identified on the Darwin masterplan as the future main road entry route into the city centre, and Eastside land had been progressively acquired to build this traffic corridor. Based on Treasury and Finance predictions of strong population growth over coming decades the NT Government sought funding for the new road to be “proactive in planning for expansion of the city”, and to “open up a substantial area of high value city centre land for development”.


Construction of this new road into the city is now mostly complete. The $45 million road will be the final part of the extensive roadworks that have been carried out over the full length of Tiger Brennan Drive to create a 4 lane highway link between Palmerston and Darwin City. On completion this road will be the primary route to and from the city.

Recently re-named Garramilla Boulevard this road is being presented by the NT Government and Darwin City Council as a grand, gateway entrance into the city with full attention being given to make it look outstanding. They describe it as ‘a landmark entry into the Capital of the North’ and a road that will ‘open up this part of the city and have a positive impact on the CBD’. Completed plans and animation footage show that it will be extensively landscaped with avenue tree planting, foot/cycle paths, water features, artwork and quality street furniture to reflect its importance as the ‘front door’ to the city. It is anticipated that new buildings fronting the Boulevard will achieve a similar high standard of appearance, and that development sites along this route will be in high demand. The Boulevard link from Tiger Brennan Drive through to Cavenagh Street is scheduled to be complete in 2019, with the remainder of the Tiger Brennan Drive connection to the Wharf area finished in 2020.

HPJV land j Sept19HPJV land k Sept19