DIPL construction update

Barneson Boulevard Construction Update
25 June 2018

Barneson Boulevard will have a tropical, urban feel and will support further economic development and activation in the Darwin CBD, including enhancing public spaces.

From Monday 25 June the removal of 50 trees will take place as part of the project.

Greening is fundamental to the Barneson Boulevard project with $7 million set aside in the budget for landscaping including a portion of funds for public art. Approximately 200 new shade trees will be planted along the new road, with 85% of the area transformed into active green space, including an outdoor amphitheatre, seating and shade structures.

Three significant native trees have also been identified by an arborist as being able to be successfully relocated. A large Milk Wood, a Small Ficus and a Tamarind Tree will be relocated to the Darwin Waterfront precinct.

NT Parks wildlife rangers will be working with our contractor during the tree felling works to ensure the fauna in the area is appropriately identified and relocated.

The site of works will soon be fenced off and parking in the area will be impacted during the tree removal and felling operation, which will continue for approximately three days.

Construction of Barneson Boulevard is expected to be complete by mid-2020 and upon completion 85% of the current green space will remain.

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